About Syngen

Syngen is a Spanish healthcare company with a global reach. Based in Madrid, the company’s goal is to improve the health and quality of life of people worldwide.

A team of long-time industry experts is working constantly to achieve this goal, through innovative and high-quality products, excellent service and a reliable supply chain.

The company operates in two business divisions.

Syngen’s portfolio of products is composed of latest generation medicines, vaccines and medical consumables, manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Over 400 different molecules can be supplied within a short timeframe to our customers.

Syngen provides business consulting services to clients across different industries. Projects are only accepted if the company’s experienced advisory team can add significant value to the client, in areas such as supply chain, international logistics, product innovation or quality and safety management.

Our Mission

We strive to become the benchmark in quality, innovation, service and reliability in everything we do.

Through our wide range of latest generation pharmaceutical products and services, we provide solutions to our clients that help improve people’s lives every day.

Our Vision

We envision to improve the health and quality of life of every person worldwide.


At Syngen, we listen to our clients and we value their opinion. We believe that our client’s feedback is one of the best drivers for innovation and constant improvement.

We want to understand everyday how to better address our clients’ needs in order to supply those products that are most needed at a certain point of time.

Employee focus

Our employees are the backbone of our success. At Syngen, we encourage a dynamic and diverse work environment and empower our employees to take bold decisions.

Our employees have led us to where we are today and we are proud of the achievements driven by our workforce.

Our core values

Quality and safety

For Syngen, the quality and safety of our products and services is non-negotiable. The trustful relationship with our clients has been built on the basis of our adherence to high quality products, manufactured according to standards such as EU GMP, US FDA or Korean GMP, as well as stringent safety protocols with no tolerance for error.

We have developed our proprietary quality adherence methodology , which is formed of a multi-layer quality control process, that prevents errors in production and logistics processes before they can occur. Every product supplied by us passes through a post-production redundancy quality control process, in which it is analyzed both by the manufacturing plant’s laboratory as well as an independent laboratory.


At Syngen, innovation is part of our DNA. We always try to improve and innovate to offer state-of the art products and top-in-class services to our customers. This starts with our products. We are at the forefront of supplying recently developed molecules with very short go-to market times.

Innovation doesn’t end here. Our supply and logistics processes are under constant review to shorten lead times and increase on-time delivery through innovative procedures. In that context, we were able to improve on-time delivery from 96% to over 98.5% by re-designing the processes to synchronize manufacturing with logistics.


Since day one, customer service is key to Syngen’s success. At Syngen, we don’t see ourselves as a simple supplier but as a solution provider to our customers.

We try to look beyond a simple customer request and see how we can solve their overarching requirements. Departing from being a pure products supplier, our service mindset let us to establish a second separate business division of business consulting services, to share our knowledge and provide integral solutions to our clients.


At Syngen, our customers value our reliability in product supply and project delivery. Our philosophy is to only promise what we can deliver.

We strive every day to improve the reliability and efficiency of our supply chain, while staying sufficiently flexible to respond to last-minute requests from our customers.