Innovation delivered

Syngen is a globally acting healthcare company based in Madrid, Spain. With a clear vision, the company strives to improve the health and quality of life of every person worldwide.

Its unparalleled innovation and customer focus drives Syngen to improve every-day, in order to provide the best products and services to its clients.

Syngen offers a wide range of medical products such as medicines, vaccines and medical consumables.

As a separate business division, the company offers business consulting services to clients who seek to benefit from Syngen’s industry knowledge.
At Syngen, we value our employees and clients as we believe they are the driver of our success.

We strive to become the benchmark in quality, innovation, service and reliability in everything we do.

Our strategy evolves around four core values, which are anchored in our company’s DNA. Every employee adheres to these values as the basis for his or her action.

Quality and safety

For Syngen, the quality and safety of our products and services is non-negotiable. Our products are manufactured in plants which adhere to the highest standards of good manufacturing practices and our processes follow stringent safety protocols with no tolerance for error.


Innovation starts with our products but doesn’t end here. Our supply and logistics processes are under constant review to shorten lead times and increase on-time delivery through innovative procedures. 


At Syngen, we don’t see ourselves as a simple supplier but as a solution provider to our customers. We try to look beyond a simple customer request and see how we can solve their overarching requirements.


Our philosophy is to only promise what we can deliver. We strive every day to improve the reliability and efficiency of our operations.